Amber’s Guide to Life

Faith-based TV comedy!

A mixed-race manager at an upscale clothier finds her late father’s bucket list then embarks on a zany quest to fulfill those dreams to honor his memory, but she discovers each activity contains a secret spiritual message that guides her on her mission to becoming a minister.


The Series

Amber Dawn is the mixed-race manager of Black Label Threads in Leawood, Kansas.

While at work, she discovers her late father’s bucket list. It contains all the glorious things he wanted to do while he was alive but never did.

But what Amber doesn’t know is her father secretly designed the list to help her become a Christian minister. 

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Her late father did not realize his shortcomings in teaching her about religion until it was too late. So, he created this list to propel Amber to greater heights in her career and extraordinary depths in her spirituality. 

Each episode explores how Amber completes the funny adventures and learns valuable life-lessons along the way. She’s joined by her karate loving co-worker, a comically crazy store owner, a hunky ice cream vendor, and a villainous shoe designer.

And over the life of the series, Amber will discover her deepest self and her genuine love for God when she finally becomes a minister.  

The perfect time for this story is now. “Amber’s Guide to Life” is a metaphor for our current world crises. Amber wants to make sense out of her life. We all do. This universal theme about “the meaning of life” and a laundry list of adventures to go with it gives us a strong foundation for years of success.

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