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Amber’s Guide to Life

Faith-based TV comedy!

A career-driven manager at an upscale clothier finds her late father’s bucket list then embarks on a zany quest to fulfill those dreams to honor his memory, but she discovers each activity contains a secret spiritual message that guides her on her mission to becoming a Christian minister.


The Series

Set in the world of high-end retail fashion, Amber Dawn is the charismatic manager of an upscale clothing boutique. While at work, she discovers her late father’s bucket list. It contains all the glorious things he wanted to do while he was alive but never did. 

But Amber doesn’t know her father designed the list to help her realize her secret dream of becoming a Christian minister. Her late father did not realize his shortcomings in teaching her about religion until it was too late. So, he created this list to propel Amber to greater heights in her career and extraordinary depths in her spirituality.  

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But Amber’s life is not set up to support a spiritual mission. The world of high-end fashion is focused on the superficial. And so are the people. This is the primary dilemma confronting Amanda’s relationship with her co-workers. They value money and fame.

She longs for divine purpose.

Amber also carries an uncomfortable inner wound for not being a better daughter. So, this book gives her a way to honor her father and is the catalyst that propels her character arc in a new direction. Amber can finally heal her inner wound and get the spiritual answers she longs for.

But nothing good in life comes easy. And her emotional journey is anything but the straight and narrow. Whether it’s her search for the God, her secret crush on a co-worker, or her not so secret love of junk food, Amber is fascinating to watch precisely because of her flaws.

Amber struggles with the daily demands of her workplace world while trying to make herself a complete person. And this is when her emotional journey becomes ours.

Now we care about Amber because, she’s wants to become better. We root for her because, her beliefs will elevate everyone around her. And we see ourselves in her because, seeking her true identity is a core human quest we all understand.

So, her tug-of-war between the physical and non-physical world is the ongoing source of comedy for the show. And if she fails to reach her goal?

Now that’s her biggest fear –

Her life is valueless and irrelevant. She must learn the truth. Each episode explores how Amber completes the funny adventures on the list and learns valuable life-lessons along the way.

And over the life of the series, Amber will encounter life-changing situations where she learns love, acceptance, and strong Christian values.